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Supplying high-quality sample preparation for enterprise and for academia

Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IBB),
University of Tehran, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.
Tel. +98 (21) 66409517

Fax +98 (21) 66404680



We offer the following microscopical techniques:

Light microscopy

  1. Tissue fixation
  2. resin embedding for light microscopy
  3. sectioning (thick or semi-thin)
  4. standard histochemical staining
  5. preparation for immunofluorescence microscopy

Conventional Transmission Electron Microscopy

  1. Tissue or cells fixation
  2. resin embedding for TEM
  3. sectioning (semi-thin or ultrathin )
  4. standard ultrastructural staining
  5. negative staining
  6. Immunogold labeling and immunocytochemistry

Scanning Electron Microscopy

  1. sample fixatin
  2. sample dehydration (critical point drying)
  3. sample coating using vaccum evaporator with carbon or metals
  4. sample coating using sputter coating with gold or paladium

Preparation of formvar and formvar/carbon coated grids

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